Lip/Tongue Ties

Thanks for choosing us to evaluate your child’s lip and/or tongue tie.  We are pleased to be able to address your child’s condition with the latest advancements in laser technology making this procedure safe and more precise with a faster recovery than ever before.  We have seen some amazing benefits that come from having a tongue or a lip tie revision including improved nursing, speech, eating and swallowing, along with increased physical, emotional, and psychological development. We are excited to educate, diagnose, and provide treatment that can help alleviate adverse symptoms of lip and tongue tie.


Baby: Some of your baby’s challenges related to the tongue tie or lip tie could include difficulty establishing or maintaining a latch (manifested as clicking, snapbacks or breaking latch), excessive air intake due to inadequate seal (Aerophagia) leading to bloating, fussiness, colic, reflux (GERD), gassiness, weight loss, feeding refusal (defensive protective mechanism), failure to thrive, extended feeding times, falling asleep at the breast due to exhaustion, and/or restless sleeping due to inadequate feedings leading to continual feeding cycles.

Mother: Common problems for the mother may include pain when nursing, plugged ducts, mastitis, bleeding, cracking, structural damage to the nipples, and/or early loss of milk supply, not to mention the psychological, mental and emotional impact of the difficulty in providing for your newborn.

The Laser Procedure

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of the patient during the lip tie or tongue tie revision. Smaller babies and infants are gently wrapped in a swaddle to limit their movements and protect them during the oral examination and evaluation and for the surgical procedure.A small amount of local anesthetic will be injected into the tied tissues. Our staff will, with two hands, gently stabilize the patient’s head. The laser is then used to remove the excessive attachment, this takes between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on age, behavior, and size of the lip tie or tongue tie. A final assessment is done and then the patient is immediately returned to his/her parents. Nursing is encouraged immediately after the procedure.

Post-Operative Care

Stretches are recommended to be done for at least 2 weeks after the procedure in order to keep the areas open until healing is complete. Those will be shown to you before and/or after the procedure. Once the tissue looks completely pink and healed, stretching twice a day for one more week is recommended. There may be discomfort for 1-3 days after the procedure. Nursing is recommended to help comfort your baby; infant Tylenol may also be used for up to 24 hours if needed.

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