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Inhaled Sedation (Laughing Gas)

Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics provides caring pediatric dentistry services to Albuquerque’s kids and teenagers. We are committed to providing a comfortable atmosphere for our young patients, creating an environment where kids feel safe. As part of that mission, we offer sedation dentistry services for children who are anxious, have a difficult time sitting still or are unable to understand a dentist’s instructions during a procedure.

How Does Inhaled Sedation Work?

Laughing gas is a mild sedative frequently used in dental offices. It is safe for both children and adults when administered by a licensed sedation dentist.

Laughing gas causes feelings of relaxation and mild euphoria. It is good for mild to moderate anxiety and has a very brief recovery period; your child will be able to resume normal activity almost immediately after the treatment is complete.

Is Laughing Gas Right for My Child?

Although laughing gas is a common sedative, it is not right for all patients. It is administered through a face mask that goes over a child’s nose. This allows us to mix the gas with oxygen and regulate the dosage. However, not all children are comfortable with the mask. Young patients and those with special needs may be frightened by it or have other difficulties in wearing it.

In these cases, or situations where a patient is severely phobic of the dentist or otherwise cannot be calmed by the laughing gas, we have alternative sedation options available such as oral conscious sedation.

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