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Caring for Braces

Taking care of braces is not difficult, but it does require attentiveness and some extra steps to your child’s daily oral hygiene routine. The orthodontists at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics can help you and your child establish the right braces care routine for a healthy mouth!

Cleaning Bracesclean teeth and braces

Tooth brushing, flossing and mouth wash are all important to for oral hygiene, and this is especially true when wearing braces. The metal brackets create additional crevices and surfaces for food particles to stick to, so keeping them clean is especially important. We recommend your child brush his or her teeth three times per day and after eating any sugary foods. Orthodontic floss is available for cleaning between braces and under wires once per day.  Regular cleanings and exams should be scheduled two times per year.

Foods to Avoid

Some foods can damage the wires and bands. When wearing braces, avoid sticky foods like gum and some candies. Also avoid particularly hard foods like nuts, and cut fruits and vegetables into pieces rather than biting into them directly. Your orthodontist can answer your questions about particular foods.

Special Considerations

If your child participates in sports, be sure that he or she uses a mouth guard. This will protect the teeth and braces as well as prevent injury to the inner lip and cheek. Let us know if you need one; we can provide an orthodontically friendly mouth guard for this purpose.

Even well cared-for braces can sustain damage sometimes. If your child notices damaged brackets or wires, contact us right away to correct the problem. This will ensure your child’s treatment remains safe and effective.

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