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Benefits of Braces for Albuquerque’s Kids

At Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics we are committed to providing quality dentistry and orthodontic care to Albuquerque’s children and teenagers. We understand that the benefits of perfect teeth are far greater than esthetics. Straight teeth and a beautiful smile affect a child’s lifelong oral health, and correcting problems with dentition early in life builds a foundation for perfect teeth well into adulthood.

The Benefit of Early Orthodontic Care

Like the rest of her body, a child’s mouth is growing and developing throughout childhood and adolescence. This makes it much easier to correct dental problems as they form and prevent more serious issues from developing in adulthood.

Many adult dental problems are caused by flaws in dentition. Teeth that are crowded or crooked are more difficult to clean and may wear down unevenly, causing tooth decay later in life. By straightening teeth and correcting a child’s bite at an early age, we can permanently correct these issues and create a foundation for great oral health and perfect teeth well into adulthood!

Does Your Child Need Braces?

Most of us aren’t born with perfect teeth – but braces can help! If your child has gaps, crooked teeth or malocclusion (an overbite or underbite), braces and other orthodontic devices can help these problems. Contact our experienced orthodontists today to schedule a consultation and learn about the options available for your child!

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