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Treating Gum Disease

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Treating gum disease is easier than ever with advances in laser dentistry. Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics offers the latest in child gum disease treatment at our offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our dentists can do amazing things with lasers, treating gum disease and improving the health of your child’s smile.

Children’s Gum Disease

Children’s gum disease is fairly uncommon in children under 12 years of age, however, it becomes more prevalent as children become teens. Prevention and early detection is key. Routine check-ups are important to preventing gum disease. Contact us to schedule an exam and cleaning with one of our friendly dentists.

Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to provide the best pediatric dentistry in Albuquerque, NM. Call our caring staff at 505-892-9010 (West Albuquerque) or 505-299-9606 (Northeast Heights) to set up an appointment.

Symptoms of Child Gum Disease

Several different types of children’s gum disease exist, but many of the symptoms are similar. Your child may have gum disease if they show symptoms like:

  • Bad breath
  • Swollen, inflamed gums
  • Bright red gums
  • Gums that bleed after brushing/flossing
  • Receding gums

Studies show that some children have a genetic susceptibility to gum disease, in addition to inconsistent dental hygiene habits. If your child shows any of these symptoms, the dentists at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics can treat it through minimally-invasive laser therapy.

Lasers for Your Child’s Gums

Lasers allow for precise gum disease removal, preserving as much of your child’s gums while excising the damaged tissue. Lasers allow our dentists to access the afflicted areas with virtually no physical contact, reducing discomfort during the treatment.

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Treating gum disease is easy at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics. With a reputation for affordable, reliable care, we are one of the most-referred dental offices in Albuquerque, NM, treating thousands of children every year. Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists.