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Preventative Dental Care

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Preventative care plays a major role in your child’s oral and overall health. The most common chronic disease in children is tooth decay, but the good news is it’s completely preventable with good oral hygiene. Children’s parents should work with a caring pediatric dental office to ensure their child has a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Dental Health Care & Children

The dental team at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics helps parents understand the basics of good dental health care for children. We are a wealth of information for oral health in children, and can offer personalized dental care advice for children to practice at home. At-home oral health tips include:

When your child is six to 12 months of age:

  • Nighttime bottle feedings should typically stop around six months of age, when the first tooth erupts. This is good for gum infection prevention through infant caries syndrome.
  • Sippy cups should be introduced at about six months of age, and all bottles should be eliminated by 12 months.

When your child is between one and 12 years old:

  • Limit sugar intake and no juice at bedtime. Sugar mixes with bacteria in the mouth, causing cavities.
  • Thumb-sucking should be discouraged after age 5 for optimal oral health.
  • Children should be introduced to flossing at 2 and need help flossing until they are between the ages of 8 and 10.

Once your child hits adolescence, they will likely take care of their own oral health. It is still important to monitor your child’s oral health, however, as teens sometimes neglect oral hygiene in adolescence. Our dentists can help monitor for dental health problems with regular check-ups and teeth cleanings.

Dental Hygiene for Children

The dentists at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics provide good oral hygiene instruction to school-age children in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. If you would like advice from our dental team for your child, contact us to set up an appointment at one of our two convenient locations.

If you are interested in bringing a group of dedicated dental professionals to teach the basics of good oral hygiene at your child’s school, contact us for details.

Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to provide the best pediatric dentistry in Albuquerque, NM. Call our caring staff at our Westside location at 505-892-9010 or our Northeast Heights office at 505-299-9606 to set up an appointment.