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Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is one of the most-referred pediatric dental offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What sets us apart from other dentist offices? We offer personalized dentistry at the highest possible quality of care that ensures your child feels safe and comfortable during their visit. Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics has everything your child needs to grow up with a healthy, enduring smile.

Personalized Dental Services

Our team is comprised of some of the best children’s dentists in New Mexico. The dentists at Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics go above and beyond to treat your child as an individual with unique needs. Some of the ways we personalize our dental services include:

Fun office environment. Our offices are designed to be kid friendly with bright, interesting décor and most patient chairs have a television with movies. Your child will enjoy going to the dentist and walk away with a positive experience when you bring them to Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics.

Child-centered care. We have two pediatric specialists on staff overseeing our dental operations, so your child receives high-quality dental care no matter how minor or serious the treatment.

Easy scheduling. We make scheduling easy, and remind you of your appointment through your most-preferred method, whether its email, phone or text messaging.

Non-Traumatic dentistry. We never force treatment on a child. We offer laughing gas for all treatments. If your child is uncomfortable with this approach, we offer optional sedation dentistry to ease your child through treatment.

Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to provide the best pediatric dentistry in Albuquerque, NM. Call our caring staff at 505-892-9010 (West Albuquerque) or 505-299-9606 (Northeast Heights) to set up an appointment.

Those aren’t the only things that set us apart. Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics is one of the most-referred pediatric dental clinics in the city because our dental colleagues know that patients receive the high-quality care at an affordable price at our offices.

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Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics has a 98% patient satisfaction rating. Health professionals recommend us because we are dentists you can trust with your child’s smile. To set up an appointment with one of our dentists, contact us today.