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What to Expect-Child’s Teeth Cleaning

Kids Dental ApplicationSmiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics provides complete hygiene care for your child so that he or she leaves one of our Albuquerque dental offices with a clean, healthy smile. Consider deep cleaning teeth to be like an oil change on your vehicle—a little routine maintenance goes a long way to preventing larger, expensive problems in the future.

About Our Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Teeth should be cleaned by a professional at least once every six months to prevent gum disease. Deep cleaning teeth prevents plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and painful dental emergencies.  Preventative check-ups at the dentist typically take between 45 minutes and one hour:

  • Teeth Cleaning. We’ll remove plaque and tartar from the teeth using prophy polish and a scale.
  • Digital X-rays. X-rays are essential to seeing the inside of the oral cavity.
  • Exam. Next, an oral examination is performed by the dentist to determine the health of your child’s teeth and gums.
  • Fluoride application. Fluoride slows the growth of bacteria in the mouth, preventing cavities.

Fluoride treatments are especially important during teeth cleanings for kids. At this stage, fluoride is essential to enhance the strength of forming baby and adult teeth. During every deep cleaning for your child’s teeth, we will check to ensure your child’s mouth is protected by fluoride application.

Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to provide the best pediatric dentistry in Albuquerque, NM. Call our caring staff at 505-892-9010 (West Albuquerque) or 505-299-9606 (Northeast Heights) to set up an appointment.


Teeth Cleaning for Kids

Teeth cleaning for kids is a preventative measure. If your child has a minor dental problem, our dentists will detect and treat it early, preventing the need for serious, expensive treatments like gum disease treatment or tooth extraction.

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At Smiles for Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being dentists you can trust. We are one of the most-referred dental offices for kids in Albuquerque, New Mexico because we are trusted by patients and professionals alike. To set up an appointment for a low-cost teeth cleaning, contact us today.